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Why Travel Solo in 2021?

It’s all about you

If travel broadens the mind, then solo travel can positively impact your life on a whole other level, possibly in ways you may never have dreamed of. When you travel alone, the experience can be transformative, and whether it’s by choice or by circumstance, many solo travellers would say, whilst it’s not necessarily the only way to travel, it’s certainly something many of us should consider at least once in a lifetime.

A whole new perspective

Solo travel is one of the biggest travel trends of recent years. Rather than waiting around for someone to go with them, people of all ages are increasingly travelling the world alone, not just to satisfy their wanderlust but because solo exploration and adventure can grow your self-confidence whatever your stage of life. The better you plan, the better prepared you will be to handle what might come your way when you set off – and as you can’t prepare for everything, travelling solo will provide opportunities to step out of your comfort zone. Travelling solo will give you the confidence to quite literally ‘take on the world’. A holiday is refreshing but a solo trip can be empowering, and you might find you return home with a whole new perspective – what could be more revitalising than that?

Go your own way

The best thing about solo travel  is that it offers you the freedom to go your own way; the independence to travel when you want, where you want, even how you want to get there and how much you want to spend doing it, without having to compromise (or argue!) or consider anybody else’s requirements. In short it allows you, for want of a better expression, to be wonderfully selfish and unapologetically so; it gives you some me time, and let’s face it, who doesn’t fancy a bit more of that sometimes. Having the opportunity to spend even just a little bit more time alone allows you to embark on a journey of self-discovery. Now that’s got be worth taking a holiday for!

Solo travel doesn’t alway mean being alone

Having said that, travelling on your own doesn’t necessarily mean being alone, and that can be another misconception about solo holidays. Many people opt to travel alone because on the contrary it can provide greater social opportunities to meet people and make new and lasting friendships – whilst also allowing precious time for peace and quiet when they want it.

You might be anxious about embarking on a solo trip because of fears about security, particularly if you’re female. These worries are understandable, especially if you’re travelling completely alone. Many of these fears can be allayed by opting to ‘solo’ travel in a group on an organised tour. These holidays offer a balance of independence to do your own thing as well as the reassuring comfort of an expert on hand who can help you navigate new and unknown destinations should you require, plus offer help and advice whenever you might need it.  You won’t have any worries over safety or security, while the wider group aspect allows you to be as sociable or as independent as you’d like.

Certain times of the year might be especially appealing as a solo traveller. Christmas and New Year are possibly the obvious choice – when instead of enduring cold and dreary winter weather at home, you might be tempted to celebrate the yuletide season in warmer climes or where there’s the opportunity to enjoy the festivities with like-minded revellers. Christmas and New Year solo tours are a wonderful way to make new friends in a welcoming atmosphere at this special time of year.

Discover somewhere new and wonderful

From reinvention to self-discovery, making you more comfortable in your own skin, or being more creative, supercharging your confidence, increasing your self-awareness or facing your fears, whatever your reasons for considering a holiday alone, more and more of us are opting to explore the globe as solo travellers. So if you’ve not thought about it before, perhaps it’s time to discover just why solo travel might be the most rewarding kind there is.

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