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Top 10 River Cruise Blogs

  • Stay up-to-date with the latest river cruise advice, insider tips and inspiration
  • We’ve collected together some of the best river cruise blog websites that are worth following
  • Discover brilliant new bloggers sharing podcasts, photos and videos for inspiration

When it comes to finding out more about river cruises in Europe, a good place to start your search is an online river cruise blog. Cruise and travel experts with heaps of experience share their wisdom and opinion via websites that contain advice, reviews, tops tips, photos, videos and podcasts. A Danube river cruise blog will give you an insider’s account of an individual’s trip along one of Europe’s most iconic river routes, with other European river cruise blogs providing direction as to what to see and do in popular river cruise destinations.

What are our favourite European river cruise blogs? Here are our top 10 river cruise blog sites for you to visit.

River cruise blog 1: River Cruise Advisor

The father and daughter team behind River Cruise Advisor are travel writer Ralph Grizzle and Britton Frost, a recent graduate and regular cruiser. The site contains many European river cruise blogs, with around three to four being posted on a weekly basis, so there’s always new content to check out. You’ll find cruise tips too, including how to choose travel insurance, details about new river cruise itineraries and travel podcasts. The European river cruise articles are especially informative. Note: the pair are also responsible for The Avid Cruiser blog.

river cruise blog River Cruise Advisor

River cruise blog 2: The River Cruise Lady

Linda May Dinsmore is the River Cruise Lady and she has travelled extensively in Europe, cruising along the Rhine, Main, Seine, Rhône and Danube – there are helpful videos online to prove it. Linda loves all travel – believing it enriches your life – but her main expertise lies with river and small ship cruises. Her cruising advice is invaluable, especially to a first-time cruiser. While a new blog post is published once a month, they are often accompanied by numerous photos providing a preview of what you can expect on board a river cruise.

river cruise blog The River Cruise Lady

River cruise blog 3:

Planning a European river cruise? Take a look at this independent river cruise expert site, which houses blog posts covering a variety of topics. There are ship reviews, tips for booking river cruises, essential advice on gratuities and a good read about the gastronomic delights you may encounter on a river cruise. For puzzlers, there’s even some fun quizzes. Cruisers can enjoy the virtual tours of river cruise ships, including cabin interiors – great to check out before you book. The family-run business does own other ventures, but this blog is simply a good starting point to find out more about river cruising.

river cruise blog River Cruising

River cruise blog 4: As We Saw It

As We Saw It is the brainchild of Linda and Dan, a couple who are passionate about travelling, along with food and drink, photography and creating lifelong memories. Although the blog doesn’t specifically focus on river cruises in Europe, a quick search will reveal interesting content about cruising the Middle Rhine Valley, the joys of visiting Kinderdijk and the best authentic souvenirs to buy in Budapest. There’s even a recipe for Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte – Black Forest Cherry Torte – on their blog post about Germany’s Black Forest.

river cruise blog As we saw it

River cruise blog 5: Cruise Maven Travels

Sherry Laskin has been a solo cruiser and traveller for 35 years, exploring the world without ever boarding a plane. As you imagine because Sherry doesn’t fly, she often sets sail on a cruise, so her expertise is second to none. Active online, Sherry posts almost every day, and there are good overviews of Europe’s most popular rivers, including the Danube, Douro and Rhône. If you’ve time, listen into the nice collection of radio podcasts, with Sherry talking in one instance about what she learned from her first-ever river cruise.

river cruise blog Cruise Maven

River cruise blog 6: Vegancruiser

It might be a little niche, but if you’re one of the estimated 540,000 vegans in the UK, this is the river cruise blog for you. Sanna Vegancruiser is at the helm, and she’s enthusiastic about cruises and dining vegan onboard. Throughout her blog, Sanna is keen to emphasise that cruising is for everyone, whatever your age and dietary requirements. While the focus is primarily on cruises worldwide, Sanna has posted blogs about German Christmas markets and shares five good reasons why you should try a river cruise in 2019.

river cruise blog VeganCruiser

River cruise blog 7: On the Luce

Looking at river cruises in Europe? Then read what Lucy has to say about some of the destinations you may visit while cruising along the Danube, Rhine or Rhône. A self-confessed obsessive travel blog reader, Lucy has written guides on popular excursion stop-offs, so you’ll find out more about what to see and do in Avignon, Vienna, Rüdesheim and Strasbourg among other places. The blog features responsible travel advice too and a list of inspirational books for travellers. Lucy posts every three to four weeks.

river cruise blog On the Luce

River cruise blog 8: CruiseMiss

Although CruiseMiss is more of a general cruise website than a specific river cruise blog, you can read travel tips and advice on this site, and the posts are easy to find in the category archive. Danielle Fear is the award-winning blogger responsible for CruiseMiss, who reluctantly went on her first cruise some 12 years ago, discovered they were fun, and has never looked back. And now with more than 58 cruises under her belt, she’s quite the expert. There’s a handy section focusing on New to Cruising, which may answer the queries of many first-time cruisers.

river cruise blog CruiseMiss

River cruise blog 9: Global River Cruising

It’s worth investigating the European river cruise blogs that appear on this travel agent’s website. There is a good selection of posts, written by a number of authors, covering a wealth of subjects. If you’re interested in a Danube river cruise, you can read about unmissable highlights, river cruises on the Lower Danube and Christmas markets. There’s also insights into how to keep fit on a river cruise, whether river cruises are suitable for those with limited mobility and the best destinations to enjoy the French wine harvest.

river cruise blog Global River Cruising

River cruise blog 10: The Wanderblogger

This frugal family travel site may not be the obvious place to look for a river cruise blog, but you will find decent content here, especially if you want to read inspirational destination guides. Written by Sarah Shumate, there are blogs about Nuremberg, Regensburg (one of the oldest cities on the Danube river), the Wachau Valley and Melk, as well as a Christmas guide to Vienna and a walk along the river Seine in Paris. Simply use the search box and you’ll find an interesting selection of posts.

river cruise blog The Wander Blogger

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