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Visiting Europe’s Prettiest Lakes

Europe is home to some spectacular scenery, famous for its powerful rivers and mighty mountains, but some of the most beautiful places to visit are its lakes. Nearly every country has its own particular region renowned for its lakes, meaning that wherever you go you’re never far away from jaw-dropping beauty and a host of fun outdoor activities. Here are some of Europe’s prettiest lakes for you to visit on our Italy tours.

Lake Maggiore

Sitting on the border between Italy and Switzerland, Lake Maggiore is located on the south side of the Alps. It’s an incredible 40 miles long, meaning it goes from very alpine scenery to almost Mediterranean surroundings across its length. On our Lake Maggiore, Orta & the Matterhorn tour, you can visit the lower end of the lake, where the shores are lined with palms and oleanders and the waters are still and deep blue. The Borromean Islands are a highlight of this region, including Isola Bella, a beautiful villa from the 17th Century, which is also part of the tour.

Lake Como

William Wordsworth was no stranger to the beauty of lakes, having spent so much of his time in the Lake District in England, but even he was moved when he saw Lake Como, which he described as “a treasure the earth keeps to itself.” He wasn’t alone, as the likes of Shelley, Verdi, Rossini and Pliny have also gone down in the history books as big fans of it and you can see why on this tour, where you get to spend a day exploring the surroundings of Como, including the picturesque town of the same name, as well as the various lakeside parks.

Lake Orta

The final lake on the tour is Lake Orta in the Piedmont region of Italy, which may not be the largest or most famous of the Italian lakes, but may well be the prettiest. Along with its beautiful blue waters and tree-lined banks, Orta’s main charm comes from the town of Orta San Giulio, which sits on a peninsula and is an unspoilt Italian medieval town. Between the natural wonders and the friendly locals, this is one lake you’ll never want to leave.

All three of these stunning Italian lakes can be enjoyed on our Italy tours. The Lake Maggiore, Orta & the Matterhorn tour, which, as the name suggests, also includes a trip to see the famous Matterhorn mountain in the Alps, all within 8 days.


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