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A Real Taste of Europe

  • Local food and drinks from Hungary, Germany and Switzerland  

Bustling cities, breathtaking coastal regions and beautifully warm summers, Europe is by far one of the world’s best holiday destinations. On top of its long list of charms, one of Europe’s biggest highlights is its amazing and diverse cuisines.

From feasting on a creamy carbonara in the historic streets of Rome to catching up with friends over tasty tapas in Spain, or enjoying a glass of wine in a stylish Parisian neighbourhood, the European food scene is as diverse and eclectic as its countries – making it a must visit river cruise destination.

A European river cruise gives you the perfect opportunity to satisfy your taste buds, with something new to taste at every stopover.

Summer flavours

Visiting Europe in the summer months between April and September has many perks, most importantly being able to sit outside in the sunshine and enjoy a glass of vino over food with friends in the warm weather. Famed for its stunning snow-capped mountain tops and alpine scenery, a destination that’s not to be overlooked in the warmer months is Switzerland, where you can enjoy an amazing raclette with rich and creamy Swiss cheeses, and traditional Swiss chocolates you can take home for friends and family (if you have the willpower).

Swiss Raclette

Swiss Raclette

Winter warmers

Winter in Europe can be equally as beautiful, offering a whole host of other delicious cuisines to enjoy. Wander through the incredible Christmas markets in Germany and soak up the festive atmosphere whilst tucking into a Bratwurst and enjoying a cosy cup of mulled wine! Beautiful Budapest is home to the delicious national treasure, beef goulash, a hearty stew with a tasty sprinkle of paprika to give it an extra kick. Luckily for you on our amazing Cruise the Heart of Europe route you can experience it all, and even get the chance to try a Wiener Schnitzel, the traditional Austrian dish, along the way.

Festive Mulled Wine

Festive Mulled Wine

Cities with taste

If you can’t decide between the seasons, a European destination that never disappoints all year round is Amsterdam and you can visit Bruges along the way for a Belgian beer on our Bruges, Medieval Flanders, Amsterdam & the Dutch Bulbfields River Cruise. Home to the cutest canals, hundreds of savvy cyclists and the delectable stroopwafel (a soft and fluffy waffle filled with hot syrup and then dipped in gooey melted chocolate) a traditional Netherlands dessert, favoured by tourists and locals alike.

Whatever thoughts of food get you salivating, be it a spicy goulash, a slice of brie, or some handmade chocolates, you’ll find something to tantalise your taste buds wherever you go in Europe.

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