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A Poem by David Thompson

Here at Riviera Travel we are privileged to have the most inspirational clients, many of whom send us messages of thanks, holidays snaps, souvenirs, post cards and artwork for which we are always very grateful. This year we received a brilliant, humorous and truly entertaining poem written by David Thompson, an enthusiastic traveller on our Australia tour. We love it, and we’re sure you will to. Have a read (and a giggle) for yourself…

A Poem by David Thompson

To wander off down under,
A daunting three week tour,
Adventure before dementia,
New experience for sure.

“G’day and how ya doin”,
Was the greeting of the day,
Outgoingness and friendly,
The Aussie kind of way.

A truly sporting country,
Where competing’s on the ball,
The Ashes come to mind,
(I didn’t mention that at all).

Iconic Sydney Harbour,
Leaves an imprint on the mind,
The elegance of Adelaide,
Inspiration then to find,

The roads that stretch forever,
And ne’er to see a roundabout,
The isolation and the silence,
That’s what it’s all about.

Big skies and far horizons,
The vastness of the land,
Mysterious rock formations,
The redness of the sand.

The colours of the sunrise,
On the sides of Uluru,
In spiritual splendour,
A sacred site to view.

For an ancient nation people,
Of walkabout and dreams,
The uniqueness of their culture,
And so much of sorrows streams.

Then there at Simpson’s Gap,
Where strewth it’s bloody hot,
Amongst the Gums and Eucalyptus,
With a fly or two to swat.

Now it’s time to say “farewell”,
“Land of the Cockatoo”,
To the Koala and the Roo,
“Good on yer mate, too true”,

And it seemed worthwhile to spend,
The kid’s inheritance,
Adventure before Dementia,
Best to take the chance.

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