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How to Get the Best Out of Bruges

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by The Passionate Traveller

Bruges is a city that is made for wandering. It is compact, friendly, fascinating and wonderfully picturesque. So join me as I take a whistle-stop trip around Bruges.

The first sound you will hear is the clip-clop of horses’ hooves on cobbled stones as these magnificent animals pull classic carriages along. As I walk along, my eyes are often diverted up as the many spires of the town come in and out of view, the mighty Belfry tower stands out against the clear sky.

As I cross one of the many bridges over the canal, I stop to admire the work of a local artist. I reach the other side of the bridge where I am greeted by the flea market at Vismarkt – a cornucopia of all things vintage that attracts people from across Belgium on the hunt for antiques and curios.

Surrounded by canals, I decide to take a journey on one of the many boats to see Bruges from the water. All this sightseeing can make a person hungry. Fortunately, Bruges has that covered – the diet doesn’t matter when the nougat is this tasty!

As the sun gets lower, the shadows get longer and this already beautiful town somehow gets prettier still.  On the outskirts of the old town, I stumble across a row of windmills, unworried by the passing of the years, standing proudly and serenely. Of course, Bruges is famed for its exquisite beers and so it is only right to test one. Or two

As evening approaches, inevitably the mind turns to dinner. The only trouble is narrowing down the options – so many cosy places serving delicious, hearty fare. And with my hunger sated and my senses delighted, I head back to my hotel past friendly locals, fellow happy travellers and the odd duck… Goodnight, Bruges. Thank you.

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Passionate Traveller

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