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Why You Should Add Berlin, Germany To Your Bucket List

  • A member of the Riviera Travel team recounts his first holiday in Berlin, Germany
  • See the impressive architecture of the German capital 
  • Learn more about street food and local German cuisine

by The Passionate Traveller

Berlin has often intrigued me. The very name conjures up all kinds of images – mostly around those incredible scenes we all witnessed on the news in 1989. But what is the Berlin that came from that momentous night? For some reason, I had never made the leap and actually been there, until recently.

Experiencing Germany

Last year I took my first trip to the German capital on a warm August weekend. On arriving into the city I was immediately treated to a vast array of architectural styles. I wouldn’t claim to be any kind of architecture aficionado, but seeing the magnificent modern dome of the Reichstag contrasting with the intricate Baroque detailing of the building itself had me gazing in awe for a good while. The Reichstag acts as a handy metaphor for Berlin as a whole – it’s about embracing differences and using them to complement one another – modern & old, east & west, urban & green. 

berlin bucket list reichstag

The Reichstag

As I ventured around the city on foot there seemed to be more treats for my camera at every turn – whether it was the sun setting through the Brandenburg Gate, the picturesque riverside setting of the Bode Museum or the acres of green space that is the Tiergarten. However, the sight that will stay with me the longest is now known as the East Side Gallery. A one-mile section of the Berlin Wall which has been left as a reminder of the past. However, it has become something beautiful as artists from all over the world have turned it into a work of art with messages of hope and explosions of colour. A perfect way of turning something so negative into something so positive.

What to eat in Berlin

Away from the buildings, the other thing that really stood out for me was the food. A real melting pot of influences makes the cuisine of Berlin a non-stop treat for the taste buds. There are delicacies for every budget, but for me, it was the good old fashioned street food, favoured by everyday Berliners, that captured my imagination the most. In fact, Berliners gave their name to a humble doughnut filled with sweet tangy jam which is a must for any visitor to the city. 

berlin bucket list jam donut

Delicious jam doughnuts

For the more savoury minded there is the classic Currywurst – a sliced hot dog sausage covered in a delicious paprika flavoured sauce and served with a bread roll. It could scarcely be simpler but it was one of the tastiest snacks I have had in a long while – all for just €4*! Legend has it that the Döner Kebab was invented in Berlin. You would be well within your rights to not give them a second thought bearing in mind how they are in the UK, but a visit to Mustafa’s may well change your mind… utterly delicious!

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The Passionate Traveller

I live to travel and have visited over 50 countries.  I love to see the world’s most iconic sights in person, as well as seeking out some quirky finds.  I love to share my tips, whether it be about packing, airports or sightseeing!

3 Responses
  • Richard John
    September 6, 2016

    An exciting ever evolving city, like a Phoenix from the ashes Berlin is so exciting.
    Fabulous museums, restaurants and shopping.

  • Rebecca
    August 30, 2016

    Fascinating city