Covid-19 Frequently Asked Questions

Compulsory Vaccine/Negative Test Policy FAQs

 Does this policy apply to all your holidays?

For your peace of mind, we require all guests on our holidays to be fully vaccinated against Covid, or to have presented a negative test before travelling with us. 

Will this policy apply to all guests travelling on the same holiday?

On all Riviera operated tours and cruises, this policy applies to all guests travelling. On some limited holidays where we are not the sole operator (Russian & Worldwide river cruises) we cannot currently guarantee that all fellow travellers will have met the same criteria, but we are working closely with our partners now to establish what their policies will be.

What if I’ve not had the vaccine prior to travel?

If you have not had both doses of the vaccine prior to travel, then we will provide a Covid test free of charge (further details will be given closer to departure).

What type of test would I need to take?

Covid testing is rapidly evolving and improving, so we will make use of the most appropriate type of test at the time that it is required.

Will I need to have received both doses of the vaccine?

Yes, we are requiring guests to have had both doses of the Covid vaccine, with the second dose a minimum of seven days prior to travel.

How will you check I have had the vaccine prior to travel?

You will receive a pre-travel questionnaire from us, where we will ask you to confirm accordingly (we may ask you to confirm proof of vaccination and the dates administered). It is our guests responsibility to ensure they comply with our vaccination/negative test policy.

What if I am exempt from receiving the vaccine?

No problem, simply indicate this on the pre-travel questionnaire and we will provide details on how you can get a Covid test free of charge.

Will this apply to Tour Managers and Cruise Directors?

We will require all our Tour Managers and Cruise Directors to have received both vaccine doses, or to present a negative Covid test prior to travel.

What about the ship crew, will they be vaccinated?

All crew onboard our ships will be vaccinated or subject to a regular testing process.

How long before departure should I take the test?

This will depend on the types of test available at the time of your holiday and we will provide more details closer to departure.

What happens if I receive a positive test result?

In the unlikely event that you receive a positive test, our Covid Cancellation policy means that you will be able to transfer your booking to an alternative date, free of charge.

How long will these policies be in place for?

We fully expect the requirements for travel to evolve and ease over the coming months and our policies will be adapted where appropriate. We will always maintain strict adherence to all government requirements and FCDO guidance.

General Covid-19 FAQs

What happens if I test positive when away on holiday?

In this scenario,  we have several procedures that we can implement and we will work closely with our in-resort teams and local authorities to ensure the required process is followed. Rest assured the Riviera Travel team both in resort and in the UK will be on-hand 24/7 to provide support. In the event that you are taken ill, your Riviera insurance policy would cover any additional costs for hotels, meals and travel arrangements. However, if your policy is not with Riviera you should check the details of your policy.

How are you going to ensure that I get the holiday that I have paid for?

We review every single aspect of every single holiday with leading industry experts. We want your holiday experience to be exceptional and offer you the levels of safety, comfort and of course, enjoyment that you’d expect from Riviera Travel.

How can I be sure that everything will be open when I am on holiday?

Rest assured, we check that the key attractions and local facilities (such as restaurants, cafes & bars) are open, but if things change, we’ll let you know.

What if UK guidelines differ from the country I am visiting?

We’ll always adhere to local regulations and guidelines and are required to by law.

Will you send me further detailed information before departure?

You’ll receive all the information you need along with your travel documentation. Additionally, your Tour Manager/Cruise Director will have the latest information relating to your holiday and will update you accordingly when they meet you.

What happens if Covid-19 prevents me from travelling?

Don’t worry, your booking comes with COVID-19 Cancellation Cover as standard. This means that if for whatever reason, you’re not able to travel as a direct consequence of COVID-19 and your travel insurance provider doesn’t cover you, you can transfer your holiday to a later date completely free of charge.

Will I have access to hand sanitiser?

Yes. Hand sanitiser will be available throughout your holiday.

Travel and Transport based Covid-19 FAQs 

I have concerns about travelling on a plane/train and being sat next to other people, how can you re-assure me? 

All airlines/trains are required to implement comprehensive measures to ensure minimal risk and enhanced policies have been introduced at airports/stations and on-board aircraft/Eurostar. These mostly relate to social distancing, face coverings and hygiene protocols. For further information we would recommend you refer to their specific websites. 

Flying remains one of the safest forms of travel during Covid-19 – IATA (the trade association for the world’s airlines) have detailed information on their website: https://www.iata.org/en/youandiata/travelers/health/ You can view the IATA video 'Factors limiting Covid-19 transmission on flights'.

Can I still check in my luggage?  

Yes, there will be the usual check in service for your luggage, however airlines may encourage you to use the automated check-in/bag-drop facilities.  

Can I still take hand luggage onto my flight?

Yes, however some flights may have restrictions on hand luggage (for example, the overhead lockers may not be in use). We’ll provide more specific information with your final travel documentation.

Will I have to wear a face-covering in the airport/station and on the aircraft/Eurostar?

Currently everyone is required to wear a face covering whilst in the airport/station or on the aircraft/Eurostar. However, we will continue to monitor the situation and advise accordingly should requirements change.

Will I be able to use the toilet facilities during the flight?

Yes. There may be some restrictions to assist with social distancing and you may need to check with a member of the cabin crew first.

Escorted Tours Covid-19 FAQs 

Will there be social-distancing policies in place 

We constantly monitor and will adhere to current social distancing regulations and guidelines throughout your holiday.  

What new hygiene/cleaning protocols have been implemented at hotels?  

All our hotels will be adhering to new enhanced cleaning protocols, with specific focus on high-touch areas. This also includes enhanced check-in procedures. 

What policy is in place for dining arrangements?  

Tables will be spaced out to observe social distancing and we may need to stagger dining times. There will be waiter service at your table or occasional buffets which will operate with strict guidelines. All dining areas will also be rigorously cleaned throughout the day.

How often will my room be cleaned?  

Your room will still be cleaned once a day but to an enhanced standard and with a specific focus on high touch areas. Rooms will also be subject to a full deep clean before new guests check in. If you prefer you could choose for your room not to be cleaned, so only you have access during your stay.

Will coaches have new hygiene/cleaning protocols?

Yes, the coaches are subject to enhanced hygiene protocols (such as daily deep cleaning) and will have hand sanitiser available. In addition, we have implemented a fixed seating policy, so you will have the same seat all day.

River Cruise Covid-19 FAQs 

What new hygiene/cleaning procedures have you put in place?  

We have implemented an enhanced hygiene policy for all ships. This includes deep cleaning and ventilation of all cabins, suites and public areas during and between cruises; public areas and customer touch points are cleaned and disinfected throughout the day; restaurants are cleaned and disinfected between meals; all shared facilities such as bicycles, cleaned and disinfected after use and all goods are disinfected prior to being brought on-board.

Will there be social-distancing policies in place?  

We constantly monitor and will adhere to current social distancing regulations and guidelines throughout your holiday (this to include an enhanced embarkation process). Group sizes and our local guide to customer ratio for all excursions will be adjusted accordingly.

Have you introduced an enhanced Health & Safety policy for the crew?     

Yes. All crew members are required to have been tested and hold a medical certificate. In addition, there will be daily temperature checks and ongoing health screenings for all crew members. Face coverings will be worn where necessary and social distancing observed throughout all crew-only areas of the ship.

What are the on-board dining arrangements?  

We are pleased to offer a la carte dining in the restaurant served by our friendly crew and dining in the restaurant is currently with reserved seating , which means your table will always be ready for you. The crew will be on hand to offer you complimentary water, tea and coffee and there will be a full waiter service in the bar and lounge. Dining arrangements will be reviewed and relaxed as we move forward.